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  1. Dan says:


    I have an opportunity to purchase a K&P filter which seems to have PCS6 printed on the bottom of it (from what I can tell from the picture). I am curious to know if it will fit my 2004 v-rod C. It came off of a 2010 v-rod muscle.

    Thank you,


  2. admin says:


    That is NOT a K&P Engineering filter!
    That is a Knock-Off, do not purchase that one if you can help it.

    Our filter part number for your V-Rod is Part # S10.
    If you go onto our website and enter your zip code into our Dealer Locator on the left hand side of our home page, it will pull up the closest K&P Dealers to you.
    If there aren’t any dealers close to you we do have a couple of online dealers that you can use.
    One of them is http://www.usaoilfilters.com they offer free shipping within the Continental U.S and they don’t charge any tax.
    here is a link to the S10 on their site.


  3. Dan says:

    Wow! Thank you.


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