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We recommend the K&P Micronic Stainless Steel Oil Filter be cleaned frequently when first purchased or when engine work has been performed. This will give you a feel for how much debris is being filtered out of your machines oil and help you decide how often you want to clean the filter for your application. At minimum, clean the filter with every oil change. Remember, oil is the lifeblood of your machine, keep it clean!Before cleaning, inspect the element and housing (spin on models) for debris. Since in nearly every case the oil flows from the outside of the filter to the inside, the debris will be caught on the outside of the filter element and on the magnet set into the top of the spin on models. Closer inspection of the debris can be achieved by flushing the particles into a clean light colored container. Monitor the debris from oil change to oil change. If something is significantly different in the amount or type of debris from the last cleaning or two, we recommend you investigate further.Clean the reusable stainless steel filter element with aerosol brake cleaner, solvent or any other degreasing agent, even soap and water.

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Since the debris will be caught on the outside of the filter element (the flow goes from the outside to the inside) try to flush the cleaning solution from the inside out. Then wash the debris off the outisde of the filter element. For stubborn debris, you can use a soft bristle brush to help dislodge particles from the surface of the screen. If you have compressed air available, blow air through the filter starting from the inside out, and then at an angle on the outside of the screen to further remove any remaining particles or cleaning agent from the screen. If you don’t have compressed air and have used soap and water, let the element air dry or use aerosol brake cleaner (or something similar) to displace the water. Finally, if you have a spin on model, clean the inside of the filter housing using the same type of cleaner as used on the reusable filter element.

Once clean and dry, you can install the filter element into it’s cavity or if it is a spin on unit you are ready to reassemble the filter assembly. Install the clean and dry quad ring into its clean and dry quad groove. Then lube the quad ring top surface with a light film of oil, and reinstall the filter assembly. This will ensure the quad ring seats properly into the quad ring groove and allow the filter assembly to tighten completely against the mounting surface.