Assembly Spirol Lok

Assembly Instructions-Spirol Lok Models


After all components are clean and dry, place the filter element back in the case making sure the three “ears” on the element fall into their slots in the case. Next, reference the spirol lok installation below. (Note: The top (upper) ring of the spirol lok has a bent tip.)

Spirol Lok Installation (Click on image for larger picture)


1 assembly1 Hold the bottom (lower) spirol lok ring in your right hand with the bottom end to your left.
2 assembly2 Insert the very bottom END of the spirol lok into the slot in the housing.
3 assembly3 With your right thumb on the top side of that bottom ring and your forefinger under that bottom ring, tip the top of the spirol lok toward you (like a cup of coffee) while pushing the spirol lok down into the slot in the housing. Do not try to thread or spin the spirol lok in, the key is the tipping motion of your right hand while pushing down to get it to snap in.
4 assembly4 Continue this technique until the spirol lok is completely installed into the slot in the housing.
5 assembly5 The filter element will normally be a little loose in the housing. As the filter tightens on the engine it will tighten against the spirol lok which will eliminate any play.

Double check and/or reinstall the rubber quad-ring (either side up). Lube the quad ring surface with a thin film of clean oil and install filter on the bike. The filter should spin on at least 3 full turns. Torque the filter to manufacturer’s specification or 18-20 ft lbs, whichever is less. Recheck torque after 100 miles.